#Adulting: Psychological Secrets to finally feeling like a "real" grownup (without faking it)

You’re old enough to drive, vote, drink, and generally do what you want when you want, but you still don’t feel like a real adult and you wonder how everyone else seems to be doing it. Despite your effort to do the “adulty” things you think you’re supposed to do, you feel like you’re just faking it and hoping no one else notices. You’re already dreading Aunt Linda asking you what you’re doing with your life over the holidays and the inevitable comparisons to seemingly perfect cousin Joe.


Sound like you? I get it! As a Millennial myself, and as a clinical psychologist who specializes in young adult issues, I promise you are not the only one! I constantly hear from both friends and clients that they don’t know when they’ll finally feel as old as they are and like they really know what they’re doing.

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But what if I told you that the secret to feeling like a real adult isn’t in learning how to cook a fancy meal, getting married, or figuring out WTF “bottom-up investing” is? 

Instead, the secret lies in learning about yourself, what drives you, what your values are, and developing a strong sense of confidence in who you are at your core. 

You know those people who seem so self-assured, so comfortable in their own skin and their own decisions? They just seem so...together! That can be you too.

There are tons of resources out there to teach you how to #adult in terms of things to do but not nearly enough resources on how to be.


This is why I wrote
#Adulting: Psychological secrets to finally feeling like a “real” grown-up (without faking it).

In this eBook, you'll learn theories and tips to not simply act like an adult, but to feel like one too.

Be Comfortable & Confident with Yourself and the Life You're Creating

• how life is different for our generation
• how psychology’s understanding of young adulthood has shifted
• how to determine your core values and goals
• how to deal when your values differ from how you were raised
• how you can start making more intentional choices
• how to use your values to inform your identity and “sense of self”
• how to use values to inform the way you spend your time 

• how social media continues to shape our values
• how to better understand the image we project to others 
• how to use social media constructively 
• how various relationships impact our lives and identities
• how to become the best and most authentic version of you 

This ebook offers great insight into the unique challenges that millennials face. I will recommend it to all my friends and colleges.” ~Samantha J.


Tired of Being Talked Down to?

No need to be talked down to by older generations who don’t and can’t understand the specific issues facing today’s young adults--no, our problem is NOT spending too much money on avocado toast! I’m in the same boat and I use my personal experience as well as my clinical training and experience to give you information and tangible, actionable steps to embracing your inner grown-up with confidence and pride.


GET Professional expertise at your fingertips

While I love working with clients one on one in my practice, I can only see so many people per week, only in one city, and therapy isn’t always easy on the bank account. I wanted to compile the major themes and ideas that continually come up with my clients and make it readily available to everyone no matter your location or budget.

I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from George Washington University where I first fell in love with working with young adults. I had several training placements in university counseling centers working with both undergraduate and graduate students. I then began to notice and appreciate the universality of being in a phase of life where so much is uncertain and the decisions being made have such a large impact on the rest of your life.

I completed my postdoctoral fellowship at Georgetown University before returning to my hometown of Denver, Colorado to open my own private practice called Flux Psychology — a nod to the state of flux in which many young adults find themselves. Today, I work almost exclusively with young adults on issues such as relationship problems, identity issues, depression, anxiety, family conflict, and managing major transitions. If you’re local to the Denver area, contact me for services at andrea@fluxpsychology.com.

What Others Say


Finally! A book that focuses on what it means to internally feel like an adult, rather than just how to do the ‘adult things’ on the outside. Thank you Dr. Liner for this great book.

Brandon S. 


Dr. Liner hits the nail on the head with the obstacles we face as we try to figure ourselves out. Her sense of humor and tangible ideas make this book a must-read for millennials.

Angela P.


So refreshing to read a book about adulting that is not only written by a fellow young adult, but by someone with actual psychological training! Dr. Liner really gets it.

Katie W.


In this eBook, you’ll learn some of the psychological theories around young adulthood, about how to determine your core values and goals, how they may differ from how you were raised, and how you can start making choices and taking actions in line with these values and goals. You’ll learn how to apply this in friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and career. You’ll also take a deep look into how media, especially social media, has shaped our generation and given us unique challenges, frustrations, and opportunities.

Written by a Millennial & Backed by Documented Psychological Research

If you’re a young adult fumbling your way into adulthood, or you know and love a young adult, this eBook is for you.  


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